6 Advantages Of Online Medical Consultations


We have all been in the same position. You wake up one morning and just feel terrible. Headache, stomach cramps, blocked nose and a sore throat. You know there is no chance you’re making it to work today; however, you still need a medical certificate. You type in ‘doctors near me’ and find that the closest available practitioner can’t see you until 11am, which is just too late. Your manager is a stickler for medical certificates and you don’t want to let them down. If you’re thinking “all the doctors near me are unavailable”, then you should definitely consider an online medical appointment. They can save you time and stress when all you need to be is in bed, recovering as quickly as possible. Let’s check out some of the advantages.


Rapid medical certificates

As touched on earlier, online medical appointments mean you can get a medical certificate from a qualified practitioner in no time. There is no need for you to leave your home – just quickly make an appointment through the website or application and you’ll be linked up with a qualified GP very soon. So if you’re thinking ‘there are no doctors near me for medical certificates’ make sure you pop online and use an online platform.


High quality GPs

You might be thinking that seeing a GP online will not be as effective as seeing them in person. In some cases, this will be true – particularly if a physical examination is required. You should never substitute medical care for convenience, particularly if your symptoms are worsening. However, if you are already aware of your illness and just need a quick medical certificate or a refill on a current prescription, then seeking online medical assistance is a quick way of receiving high-quality medical advice. Many of these platforms are governed by strict standards, meaning they have to be recognised in Australia, experienced and fully insured.



One of the big advantages of using online medical consultations is the convenience. You might not be able to leave for a particular reason but are still requiring some medical advice. If you’re thinking that there ‘no doctors near me that can visit me in-house’, you can definitely hop on to an online platform and get connected with a qualified GP who is experienced in the field. There’s no point wasting time typing in ‘doctors near me’ when the online solution is quicker and more affordable!


Your information is still private

You might be a little worried that your information won’t remain anonymous or secure. The last thing you want is your personal medical information finding its way into a stranger’s hands. However, these platforms are required to use digital certificate authentication software and data encryption methods to ensure private information between GP and patient remains private.


You can get referrals

Even though you are not seeing your GP in person, you can still get referrals for other specialists through an online consultation. Making an appointment with a specialist requires a referral from a GP, which can be difficult if you’re struggling to make an appointment with your GP. You might live in a remote area or are unable to leave the house for a particular reason. If you type in ‘doctors near me’ and are unhappy with the options in your local area, hop online to get a referral so you can see your required specialist at a much quicker rate. The platform will just send you an electronic referral in the inbox of your application. Simple.


No paper

With an online system, there is no need for paper documentation. Everything is simply communicated through the online application. Hard to lose when it’s all in the cloud. So, next time you go to type in ‘doctors near me’, maybe consider an online option.