Are Glass Bongs Suitable For Regular Tobacco Smokers?


The art of smoking has changed and evolved over time as social attitudes have shifted towards safer modes and environments that are more controlled and regulated.

Now with the advent of vaping, e-cigarettes and other electronic devices, there are products emerging on the market that promise to deliver the goods but carry too many complications to offer that pure hit.

This is why regular tobacco smokers are finding joy with the use of glass bongs, a collection of custom made items that are crafted for quality control, safety and to give the best possible end product.

Here we will discuss the suitability of this investment for the smoking community.

User-Friendly and Easy

From rolling a joint to working with a metal, ceramic or plastic bong, there can be some guesswork even for experienced practitioners who have to dedicate time and effort to this pastime. Glass bongs are ideal for beginners but also proves fruitful for regular tobacco smokers who want to be able to relax and light up without any of the guesswork that comes with the other methods. The four main components are all on show transparently, from the bowl to the vase, stem and tube where the smoker can play around with the features and not leave any element to chance.


Offers Bigger Hits


It will ultimately come down to personal preference when assessing the size of the glass bongs that are showcased by local outlets, but there is enough scope to enjoy bigger hits when compared against other products. There are the more modest models that are formed like a scientific beaker or pipe to offer a precise and direct hit, with other intricate soft glass designs providing a base and vase diameter that is wider with the capacity to include far more tobacco. Instructions will be accompanied for safe use, but for smokers who want a rich hit, this is an investment worth


Simple to Clean

One of the downsides for regular tobacco smokers who want an organic experience that cannot be achieved through cigarettes is the process of cleaning the product. Due to the residual chemicals and smoke stains building over time, these items have to be wiped down comprehensively, allowing for a pure hit and to negate against health concerns due to toxic exposure. Glass bongs in this sense are very simple to clean because every blemish and residual substance can be viewed with clarity. Unlike metals or ceramics that are hard to identify, the glass will illustrate the quality of the clean.


Nice Aesthetic Presentation

In modern society there is still some anxiety about being out in the open as a smoker, regardless of the substance that is consumed. Glass bongs manage to offer citizens a chance to strike that balance between an activity they enjoy and using a product that is still presentable to the rest of the public. Much like an intricate vase for a living room, this is an item that can be showcased on a mantelpiece or cupboard without being concerned about the optics at home. Regular tobacco users could see this as a viable alternative if there is an anxiety about hiding the substance inside shelves or bookshelves.



For responsible tobacco smokers who enjoy their use in moderation, glass bongs provide the best value for money. The time and effort that is required to roll joints or clean down ceramic, plastic or metal bongs are major downsides and illustrates why this is an investment that offers long-term dividends. If there are fears that it could easily break, there are soft designs that incorporate some additional wear and tear, yet a customer warranty will also give a degree of protection if an accident should occur.