Custom Made Australian Furniture You Need to See


Australian custom made furniture is famous on solid timbers, with a variety of beautiful made to order pieces coming from the hands of skilled craftsman. Many of these pieces are product of a humble family run business.

From the craftsman’s perspective, it’s all about working together with you, to understand exactly what you’re expecting to receive to adorn your home. They understand how important it is to sit down with you, and directly involve you in the creation of the design, before taking it to the drawing board.

A good craftsman will include you in decisions about such details as…

  • Type of material
  • Measurements and angles
  • Finishes

The goal is to ensure that the end product, carefully crafted by their very hands, meets all of your expectations, in all aspects discussed. The reward of seeing the immense pleasure you feel upon receiving high-quality custom made furniture that perfectly fits your vision is the best part of the job for the Australian craftsman.

What type of custom made furniture can you have made to order?

We’re loving the sound of this, so we decided to scope out some of the greatest solid wood turned beautiful custom made furniture going around. Check these out and maybe find a little inspo of your own!


  1. Dovetail drawers

Classic looking boxes formed from the ‘dovetail’ connecting joint, made from wedge-shaped cuts into the solid. This makes for a traditional, durable set of drawers – and being custom made furniture, this could be a range of warmer and cooler woody tones. Made to taste, of course.


  1. Timber frame lounge chairs

Here’s a great indoor or outdoor idea. A hand carved lounge frame from sturdy Australian wood. Top it off with some high-density foam covered in leather or fabric, and you’ve got yourself one stylish teak seat.


  1. Hardwood dining table

The dining table is an important part of any home. How about a unique design that perfectly fits the dimensions of your room and chairs? Custom made furniture created from solid timber with a wax finish can turn your room into anything from timeless and classic, to something that’s somewhat natural, to modern industrial, and more.


  1. Pedestal desk

Or ‘tanker’ style desk, is a sizeable free-standing desk consisting of a flat top surface resting on two cabinets of stacked drawers – with a gap in the middle, ideal for an office chair. Picture this, but with a unique provincial style, handcrafted just for you.


  1. Dining chairs from Ava to Woisley


Frankly, we are taken back by the number of different styles of chair there are out there – it’s almost A-Z! Consider some of our top picks when deciding which way to go with your custom made furniture (and this is a far from exhaustive list)…

  • Ava – cutout detail and tapered wood ideal for small spaces
  • Moreton – vertical or horizontal lines of wood (with spaces) on back
  • Woisley – sleek wooden frame fitted with your choice of fabric or leather (many options for colour and stain)


  1. Entertainment unit

For television, stereos, consoles, and storing games, books, and can have a multitude of  over purposes. The entertainment unit is another important piece adorning the heart of the home.

There is much to consider when it comes to specializing the entertainment unit to your living space – each living space having uniquely specific dimensions and layout, and oftentimes mass produced items just don’t fit.

Custom made furniture offers a number of great benefits when it comes to the family entertainment unit…

  • Can personalize the components contained in the unit according to what you want to put in it – for example, Foxtel, gaming consoles, DVD player, and bass/stereo/amplifier
  • Can add the number and style of drawers as required
  • Can add number and style of doors
  • Can add features like finger grooves according to taste and practical needs