Finding The Best Family Lawyers Sydney Has To Offer

Family lawyer in Sydney holding a gavel

Have you ever wondered why the best family lawyers Sydney has produced are in such high demand? Consider that these legal professionals mediate broken relationships, estate disputes, custody battles in a metropolitan city with a divorce rate of 0.19 % in 2019. That’s around 11, 000 separated couples per population of around 5.3 million people, and these family lawyers are there to help clients through difficult times. This is not even mentioning the number of de-facto relationship break-ups.

The best family lawyers Sydney based deal with simple disputes of notification of ex-spouses about visitation times, to major custody battles in the presence of domestic violence, as well as division of estates between warring siblings and their parents. The legal practitioners Sydney has to offer are more than equal to the task of resolving the court-directed problems of family and divorce.

How Do You Choose A Family Lawyer Sydney Would Be Proud Of?

Your partner has betrayed you and now wants half of your estate despite a prenuptial agreement. Your father’s new spouse has cut you out of the will. The state is threatening to take full custody of your young child. Who do you turn to? In these situations you may feel the urge to find a family lawyer as quickly as possible. And while urgency is needed, retaining the services of the first top family legal firm you find on the internet, is not always the best method for resolving your dispute. While the major law firms offer reputation and often a huge team of lawyers and paralegals, their costs can be exorbitant, and their client roster can privilege other cases over yours.

Some of the smaller known firms can still offer top-flight legal representation and will put in the extra mile while investing more time and determination in your case than the larger faceless firms. Some of the lesser-known family law firms you have seen in business districts have deep roots in the Sydney community and it can be worth paying them a visit even walking in off the street. Sometimes associates you know can recommend a solicitor that has helped them. And many times, it is prudent to call several family law practitioners to briefly discuss your problem. You can get a feel for which solicitor might be the best fit for you. In any case, most of these legal practitioners will offer a free consultation.

Does Gender Bias Affect Your Choice Of Family Lawyer?

While research in the 1990s showed there was bias against women in matters of family law, the 21st Century has seen the emergence of more equality in outcomes of custodial disputes, divorce settlements and domestic matters, both with the client and the legal representative. In choosing a family lawyer to represent you in the Sydney judicial system, your preference in male or female lawyer should be dependent on how you interact with the legal practitioner. As stated earlier, the first consultation is where you decide whether to retain the services of the particular family solicitor. Family lawyers of all persuasions in Sydney are not only registered and qualified, they are committed to helping you to the best of their ability given the humanist nature of their profession.  

Family Court Overload Requires The Best Family Lawyers Sydney Can Offer

According to statistics there were over 21, 000 family court cases which included high risk interventions as well as estate disputes. In a large metropolitan city the concentration of court cases dealing with family litigation requires the expertise and compassion of family solicitors more interested in resolution than payment fees. The best family lawyers Sydney can offer are always approachable when you need them.