How To Get An Information Technology Internship


If you’re coming towards the end of your degree in IT or computing or have recently graduated then it’s a good idea to get some on the job experience under your belt.

The IT field can be lucrative, but also competitive and relevant skills are essential. Read on below to find out about what you should to get an information technology internship.


University programs

Your university is one of the best connections you will have to find the best information technology internships. Universities are usually large, well known institutions with a lot of professional connections.

Most universities will cooperate with companies to offer employment experience opportunities to their graduates. Sometimes this is a part of student’s degree requirements and counts towards your grade and sometimes it is an extracurricular.

A lot of universities will also have student-only job boards where opportunities are regularly advertised. Keep an eye out as a great employment experience opportunity might arise!

Job fairs are also a regular occurrence at universities, make sure you attend, even if you’re a while a way from graduating. Many companies that run graduate programs will also run information technology internships.


Company programs

If you have a specific company in mind that you really want to work for then you should look into whether they run an information technology internship program. May medium to large businesses run yearly work experience opportunities and actively seek out new talent.

If you have a dream company in mind then it’s well worth it to look in to the application process and timings.


Speaking to local businesses

Even if your dream company doesn’t have a formalized information technology internships program it doesn’t mean they couldn’t benefit from having a work experience student work with them.

It’s a good idea to ask around at local businesses for work opportunities. Even if they don’t have any jobs advertised you may be surprised to find that they are open to having an enthusiastic person come onboard for a learning opportunity.


Networking events

Networking events are a fantastic opportunity to catch the attention of recruiters for information technology internship opportunities. The point of these events is to make professional contacts. Usually the company representatives that attend are on the lookout for talented new professionals and this is a great chance to get an offer for work experience.


Friends and family

Friends and family that have been in the working world for a while are a great avenue for finding a role. Whether it be at their own workplaces or through their professional networks, they may be able to use their professional influence to help you get your foot in the door with the working world.

Finding a great job is ll hustle, especially in today’s competitive work environment, so make sure you explore all the avenues at your disposal.


Paid programs

There are some wonderful paid information technology internships placement programs that can help to find you a place at a great company.

A great upside to these programs is that they usually offer training programs and coaching to get you ready for the working world. They can help with things like interview skills, help you to fine tune your resume and get your prepared with practical skills.


Overseas programs

If you want to add some adventure to your work experience and add some life experience to the equation then looking overseas for opportunities might be the best way forward.

Overseas programs can widen the pool of potential work experiences considerably. If your local area doesn’t have a lot happening on the job market, then perhaps you should broaden your horizons.