Industry Conditions for Sydney Demolition Contractors


Sydney demolition contractors are tasked with some of the most difficult and dangerous day-to-day tasks in the city.

Maneuvering between a continuous flow of traffic and high-rise buildings that creates logistical headaches, it is imperative that these experts follow through on guidelines and regulations to protect themselves and the public.

Should you be a private or public client of a Sydney demolition provider, you will need to ensure that the professionals on site have ticked all of the necessary boxes.

To avoid falling into legal and financial troubles, this is an industry where strict codes of conduct and compliance are part and parcel of their operating model.

Let us outline what they are within the setting of the city of Sydney.

Prior Inspection Notice To Council

The first checklist item that must be crossed off for Sydney demolition contractors is the need for council to have prior notice to run an inspection internally of the site in question. The guidelines in NSW for local council is that a 5 working day period is required from the moment a written notice is issued to a scheduled inspection being carried out. The paperwork must be comprehensive and filled out with all of the relevant information and criteria, with the scheduled starting date of the demolition being at the forefront of the document.

Commencement Form Completed

The information that is necessary for Sydney demolition contractors to undertake their job is not overly extensive, but must stipulate some key information for the sake of transparency. The 5-day notice form to council will include the following data:

  • Address
  • DA number
  • Description of the structure that will be demolished
  • The date of commencement
  • All applicant details including name, telephone number and address
  • Contractor details including name, telephone number, address and license number
  • Circle Yes or No for neighbour notification
  • Circle Yes or No for asbestos cement substances
  • Signature of contractor
  • Date signed

PCA Inspection To Be Carried Out

The first inspection phase is for council to begin their internal inspection prior to the work commencing, but on day one for Sydney demolition contractors, they have to receive an inspection from the Principal Certifying Authority (CPA) first. Prior to the lifting of cranes or wielding of a sledgehammer, the PCA will run a diagnostic on the site to analyse where any potential asbestos could be located. If they do discover that this toxic substance is located on site, then a delay will have to be issued.

Further Protection Measures Required

There are further protection measures necessary to ensure that the environment and all participants direct and indirect are safe from hard. Sydney demolition contractors must run a report on the status of trees, of the connected power services, of the installation of protective fencing around the parameters, and of all asbestos materials from cement to corrugated sheets.

Must Offer Asbestos Signage Where Necessary

In an environment where asbestos can be prevalent with older buildings and decaying structures, Sydney demolition contractors have to make it apparent to the community and to neighbours that this dangerous substance could be exposed. To keep a safe distance from this hazardous working site, a manufactured sign out front has to be broadcast to say “DANGER ASBESTOS REMOVAL IN PROGRESS.”

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation condition of 2001 is for the sake of the public and for workers who are charged with removing the materials as efficiently and effectively as possible. This signage can be taken down when all of the asbestos is removed from the premises, but never beforehand. It also must be erected prior to the commencement of any demolition.

Certified License Holders Only

Those Sydney demolition contractors who are licensed to carry out the work will have needed to pass through a number of processes to reach their qualification. To be in compliance with WorkCover NSW, these experts will have one of two licenses that they have obtained. One category is a restricted license that affords them the ability to demolish small structures that range between 4-15 metres in height. Whilst explosive devices are off limits for these license holders, they can still utilize cranes, bulldozers and excavator vehicles where needed.

The second type of license in the demolition industry of NSW is a complete license. Here an operator can demolish a structure beyond 15 metres in height with the use of explosives if approved by council. Contractors who fit this description are usually for commercial clients where large buildings are involved.


There are further requirements and stipulations that Sydney demolition contractors must adhere to, including a strict Monday to Friday, 7.00am to 6.00pm work timeframe. What should be apparent for public and private clients hoping to hire a contractor in this sector is that they have a team onboard who have a great working relationship with local council and that their qualifications are up to date.