Personal Risks Associated With DIY Rubbish Removal Endeavours


DIY rubbish removal appears to be a risk-free exercise where homeowners embark on their own journey from the property to the local tip or waste depot.

However, time and time again there have been case studies where accidents happen, individuals are exposed to hazardous materials and the costs and logistics actually don’t end up in their own favour.

All of this would point to the hiring of professional services who can tackle any challenge for a range of clientele.

In this example, it is worthwhile taking stock of what they can offer when weighed against the mantra of ‘Do It Yourself.’


Injuries and Fatigue

Depending on the size and scope of the waste disposal loads that are on location, DIY rubbish removal can become a costly exercise if injury and fatigue is factored into the equation. Especially for residents who are not in the best physical condition they could be in or they are senior citizens, the labour involved to shift heavy bags or loads up and down flights of stairs or onto narrow street corners or across properties becomes taxing. People have strained muscles, torn hamstrings, broken bones and suffered from other injuries when they have been tired and dehydrated physically shifting these items.


Disease and Illness

Individuals who are of the belief that DIY rubbish removal is the best course of action open themselves up to potentially the greatest risk of all – becoming exposed and infected to toxic chemicals or materials. This can constitute a myriad of different elements, featuring fuels and oils to cleaning and bleaching chemicals, foods and liquids past their use-by date or pesticides and poisons that are designed to infect pests. Being exposed to these conditions for any individual places their health and safety under threat, so engaging a professional organisation who has experience and expertise dealing in these scenarios becomes a worthwhile exercise.


Fines and Penalties

Having a lack of education with the sorting of waste is not an excuse that will hold much weight with local council bodies and landlords who have their own duties and responsibilities. Residents who continue to rely on their own DIY rubbish removal endeavour are likely to be subject to penalties and fines without having an understanding of the rules that are in place.


Being Stalled and Delayed

The logistics of undertaking DIY rubbish removal for the uninitiated can be overwhelming and because of this, there are homeowners who put this matter on the backburner and deliberately delay the process. It is not a task that people relish on average and this degree of stalling creates further issues. These waste disposal loads if left exposed to the elements can attract awful stenches and pests that infiltrate the space and suddenly it becomes a major project that builds and builds to breaking point.


Paying Too Much

It seems counter intuitive to say the least but the act of undertaking DIY rubbish removal can actually be more costly than it would calling up a professional service. Why would this be the case? Well when a homeowner adds up all of the time out of their day or week to logistically shift the loads off site to the parking and tip fees to the transporting of the vehicle and the fuel that has to consumed, suddenly the bottom line makes it a costly endeavour. It is especially a risk for those that make a trip to a local depot or rubbish tip believing that it is free or that others do the sorting on their behalf. Extras have to be paid for metals, for recycling, for green garbage and general waste.