Popular Categories of Dance Lessons Available at Sutherland Shire

Dance lessons at Sutherland Shire come in many different styles and sizes.

Depending on whether you are venturing on this adventure solo, joining in with a group or attending as a couple, there will be a variety of options that are available to you.

From those locals that are based in the region including Cronulla, Holsworthy, Caringbah, Gymea, Alfords Point, Heathcote or Kareela to those who are elsewhere in the city of Sydney or based towards the South Coast of New South Wales, you will be warmly welcomed to a world where dance is all encompassing.

The challenge lies with the selection of the art form, as a majority of outlets will provide their students with a menu of different styles born out of native cultures and multicultural traditions.

Here we will look at the popular categories that students opt for, giving newcomers the chance to enter this space confident and excited about the opportunities that await.



What would be crafted from the 1930s in the South of the United States of America would find its way across the world and continue over time. Jazz is one of the top styles that can be found with dance lessons at Sutherland Shire, a class that really does place an emphasis on freedom of movement and expression. Such a template is in sync with the actual music as jazz has widely be considered the most freeform of artistic expression there is.



Those who are a touch more athletic and enjoy their hip-hop music will be pleased to know that dance lessons at Sutherland Shire cater to this very style. There are elements of breakdancing, locking, twerking and popping that have all derived from African American culture spanning the 1970s to today. What was once an underground movement is today a mainstream activity.



Ballroom remains one of the most popular dance lessons at Sutherland Shire. This activity is ideal for older couples or newcomers who are anxious about their ability and want to engage in an activity that will start off slow before building to become something fun. Ballroom really does improve the posture and sequence of the feet as instructors help you to move in rhythm with the music, all great assets that can be applied to other disciplines.



If you are looking for dance lessons at Sutherland Shire where you can break the shackles and move away from conventions and norms, then the modern form is certainly for you. The good news about this style is that it is not exactly a style in and of itself given its variety, unpredictability and uniqueness that separates itself. This form would be born out of a rebellion to the conventions of classical ballet to offer a focus more on collaboration and choreography between the participants. This is a style that is particularly popular with groups who want a performance to go viral online!



These four examples of dance lessons at Sutherland Shire are just the tip of the iceberg. We have not even delved into the like of samba, swing, contra, belly dancing, country and western, Latin and the flamenco. The important aspect to note for attendees heading to class is that once you get into the groove and enjoy the routine of heading to the studio, the opportunities become endless. Dance is a universal activity that does not discriminate based on age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or ability. It crosses boundaries and brings people together for a common passion. So why not head into a thriving marketplace like the Sutherland Shire and see what programs will suit you?