Top 5 Creative Trends of 2019

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Whether you’re a professional designer or simply someone looking for ‘print shop near me’, being aware of the latest creative trends can help you produce work that is stylish and effective.

While 2018 was all about minimalism, galaxies and marble textures, 2019 will see the resurgence of retro excess in the form of maximalism (hello leopard skin!), ‘80s nostalgia and rococo.

Soak up the biggest trends of 2019 to give your cards, artworks and photos that extra edge.



The Japanese word for ‘cute’, kawaii emerged in the ‘70s as a reaction to the stiffness of post-World War II. Typically viewed as a youth movement, its effects can be seen globally in fashion, film and television, toys, food, makeup and other products, where it has taken the world by storm in the form of Nyan cat and cute emoji’s.

When searching for print shop near me, consider adding a kawaii touch to your work by including animal illustrations, soft, child-like colours, glitter, flowers and rainbows.


‘80s excess

Our nostalgic love of the ‘80s continues in the form of old school video games, neon lights and retro patterns. Expect to see a whole lot of snakeskin, chain and opulent patterns as well as bold, imbalanced, abstract designs. This is an ironic, playful movement that’ll have you reaching for your old Bowie records.

If you’re in need of ‘print shops near me’, you might want to think about making a neon-themed gig poster or putting a retro video game illustration on your next album cover.


Collage & zines

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Zines (self-published DIY mini-magazines) have been beloved by opinionated and creative-minded folk since the ‘60s, serving as an easy means of sharing one’s ideas and creative outpourings through collage, photocopying and cut-and-pasting. The rise of the internet only increased their popularity, as it provided a means for mass-distribution. Selling one’s zines via sites like Etsy, uploading them digitally and creating online zine communities helped the culture reach the mainstream.

In 2019 you can expect to see the grungy, DIY aesthetic of zine culture come to the forefront of the design world. When looking for ‘print shops near me’, think about using collage, grain textures, alternative expression and mixed media in your work.



The baroque-style of rococo is making a comeback, with extravagant, ornamental paintings like Fragonard’s ‘The Swing’ in fashion again. The ornate, elegant aesthetic of the old-world looks great when designing things like wedding invitations. If you’re searching for ‘print shops near me’, make sure to ask your provider if they offer options such as letterpress, calligraphy, laser cutting, embossing and foil stamping. These are all great ways of ensuring you get a beautiful baroque-themed look.




Whilst nostalgia makes up a big part of the aesthetics of 2019, we’re still looking towards the future. Inspired by technological innovations, you can expect to see things like robots, androids, futuristic gadgets and vehicles featuring in advertisements, fashion and design. 3D animation and graphics will also be big, with soft, shiny gradients and warped prismic and geometric shapes galore.

If you’re looking for ‘print shops near me’, try combining some 3D effects and gradients with minimalist typography for a bold and effective image. Supersaturated colours are predicted to be popular, with vibrant, eye-catching colour palletes dominating the design world. Frameless designs are also increasing in popularity, where they allow images to ‘transcend’ the page, creating a powerful, almost 3D effect.



From the resurgence of rococo to the love for all things kawaii, 2019 will be a year of bold excess. When seeking ‘print shops near me’, make sure to embrace the year’s top creative trends.