What is Sydney Family Law?

Couple meeting a Sydney family law specialist to finalize their separation

Sydney Family law is a specialized area in the law system in Sydney. It is designed to help people resolve complex legal matters relating to family relationship issues, such as domestic violence, divorce, child care, and protection, child support, and more. Family law practice involves working with different groups of people, covering children, parents, and other stakeholders in a family. 

Since this aspect of law relates to personal matters of individuals’ lives, it is one of the most emotional areas in law practices. It should be noted that Sydney family law is very diverse and covers different areas.

Areas of Focus for Sydney Family Law

As mentioned, this area of law practice is extremely diverse and covers everything that has to do with family relationships. Some areas of focus covered in Sydney family law are as follow:

  • Marriage dissolution, separation, and divorce: Family law covers everything associated with ending a marriage. This includes assets separation, Child Arrangement Orders, and financial supports. It also covers child care and support, parental responsibilities, residence, and parentage.
  • Cohabitation and Prenuptial Agreements: Sydney family law is also the legal area that covers prenuptial and cohabitation agreements. A prenuptial is considered a pragmatic and sensible action that enables both parties in a relationship to jointly agree on future expectations if anything goes wrong with the relationship. 
  • Child’s Rights: This is the most important aspect of Sydney family law. Parents must agree on the welfare and support of a child. In cases where they could not reach an agreement, there are clear guidelines and guidance on how to resolve the issue. Most importantly, the focus is on the child and what is right for them and this is what the law looks out for.
  • Domestic abuse: This can be against children or spouses. Irrespective of the form it takes, the safety of affected persons is the most important thing. There is an aspect of family law that focuses on the issue of domestic abuse and violence.

What is Family Law Arbitration?

Disputes in a family can be resolved in different ways. One of these is through arbitration. Arbitration is an alternative way to resolve disputes without going to court. It is an out-of-court process and it is often confidential, private, and performed by a trained and experienced arbitrator. 

If a family decides to go through Sydney family law arbitration to resolve a dispute, they have decided to resolve issues in a less stressful manner than the court. During the process of family law arbitration, the parties go into an agreement where they allow an arbitrator to adjudicate any dispute associated with children or finances following the breakdown of the marriage relationship. 

The parties agree to be bound and abide by the written decision of the professional arbitrator. Sydney family law arbitration is often a more flexible and faster process of resolving family disputes compared to court proceedings. It is also more cost-effective and efficient than court. It should be noted, however, that arbitration is not appropriate for every family issue. 

In cases of contended divorce, a court proceeding would be the best solution and not arbitration. In a situation where a party decides to lie about assets or one party is vulnerable, a firmer process may be required instead of arbitration.

When there is a dispute in the family that requires legal settlement, Sydney family law comes into play. It is important to choose the right family lawyer who understands the length and breadth of family law in the state to protect your right. Thankfully, there are many reputable and experienced family lawyers in Sydney that you can engage with for any complex family issues.