What You Should Know About AHLEM Sunglasses?

AHLEM sunglasses inside a store

AHLEM sunglasses is a brand that was first founded back in 2014 by Los Angeles designer Ahlen Manai-Platt.

AHLEM sunglasses is known for its impressive craftmanship. Their attention to detail is often noted in their products, which are sustainable, intricate and timeless. They are made with 20th century Bauhaus design principles in mind and often use classis reference for their aesthetic. Every pair of AHLEM sunglasses is designed to tell an interesting story and are used to display the impressive artisanal ability of the brand.

Each pair of AHLEM sunglasses are passed through several specialised ateliers where they are carefully crafted amongst a number of skilled artisans.

Where can you find them?

AHLEM sunglasses flagship store is located in Venice, and you’ll also find them in Nolita in Manhattan but for those in other countries, it is possible to shop for them online. The designs often take inspiration from the brand’s location and are designed to be both practical and functional.

What makes them special?

So, what makes AHLEM sunglasses unique? Firstly, they include a metal triangle accent tip. These temple tips take inspiration from the brands previous circle and triangular design, which are considered to be their signature. Each accent tip is carefully hand-painted in burgundy, navy blue or green colours. All of the designs also include a unique hammering technique. The metal designs are hammered by hand with a special technique known as martele. This technique means that each and every pair of glasses is totally unique. The technique hails all the way back from the middle-ages as a goldsmithing technique and only a select number of artisans know how to do it. Their designs also feature intricate Bauhaus engraving. Filigree designs are laser engraved in unique circular and triangle designs. The engravings are done on the rims, nose pads, and temples.

Two women wearing AHLEM sunglasses

Interestingly, the glasses also feature a revolutionary hinge design. The hinges are designed to be durable and last a long time. The hinge uses five barrels and a wide hinge which is deeply inlaid for a good connection.

A number of metal designs have also been airbrushed with a special technique and feature special matte finishes. Finally, they feature temple tips which are cut and inset for comfortable wearing. The temple tips include the logo and are made from vintage acetate for improved sustainability.  This is part of the brand’s commitment to a high level of attention to detail.

What accessories can you buy?

It’s also possible to choose accessories to go with them. You may for instance want to keep them safe with your own glasses pouch to keep them in. This is a great idea for transporting them in your handbag or traveling. You might also want to consider cleaning wipes or a glasses string or chain to help keep them safe.

What to think about when purchasing?

If you plan to purchase new glasses then you should take some time to think about what is going to best suit your face shape and overall style. Certain shapes will be better suited to softer heart shapes or oval faces than others, whilst some styles may be better for angular faces.

You should also think about what kind of materials you would like your glasses to be made from. Some glasses are made from hammered metals whilst others feature acetate. A lot of people like the feel of metal whilst others think that it is too heavy and prefer light weight acetate. If you’re not sure, try a few on or test out different styles to find your favourite.