Making the Most of Affordable Balloon Columns


Colorful balloon columns are perfect items to use for couples, homeowners and guests alike.

This is an affordable way of elevating an event where the champagne is flowing, laughs are being had, food is being passed around and people are generally enjoying the celebrations ahead of the big wedding event.

Yet it is important to remember that most of the money splashed out for these days or evenings will be reserved for the alcohol, for gifts, dresses and potential accommodation and flights to the venue.

So why not leverage a cheap and affable product like balloons that can lighten the engagement party?


Grand Entrance Archway

There is a great intangible feeling that is experienced when balloon columns are designed to produce a grand entrance archway for guests. This can be installed either at the front door or even further out into the street at the driveway. It signals to everyone that this is an event that is to be celebrated well and it has a marquee quality. Not everyone will be invited to this gathering and the couple want everyone to feel welcome. For guests and couples looking back on the event, it offers some great photographic opportunities as well.


Spelling Out Couple Name

Speaking of those perfect picturesque moments that are simply made for the camera, balloon columns can be crafted to spell out the name of the couple at the venue. It’s a fun way of really promoting what the celebrations are for and gives guests a chance to take some great snaps and splash them across their social media pages. It can be customised to fit any type of size or scale that is necessary to stand out, and there is little time or effort required for those that want to rush the project through before focusing on other activities in the lead up.


Colouring Surrounding Décor

One of the great assets that partygoers can tap into with balloon columns is the capacity to colour and paint an environment without having to actually tear up the wallpaper or splash paints across the walls. There are common themes that are at play during these events, from love hearts, images of cupid and ceremonial imagery. Popular colours in these settings will be red and white to signify love and new beginnings. If there is a lack of these colours at the venue, the balloons can do all the work.


Surprise Gift/Cake Announcement

What is the point of issuing a surprise when there isn’t any glitz or glamour attached to the moment? Balloons columns are the perfect way to compliment an announcement as the guests have organised a special gift for the newlywed couple to be. Especially for those helium-filled items that can be launched into the air following the opening of a box, these items will rise to the ceiling and really put a signature on the announcement.


Bouquet Giveaways

To avoid all of the hassle of deflating and throwing away balloon columns when the party stops, why not bundle them together and use them as guest giveaways? This useful little tactic is a great gesture and token of appreciation for those who have invested their own time and money to making the celebrations. If packaged together in a bouquet style with some chocolates or wine, it can top off a wonderful gathering.



Balloon columns only cost buyers cents on the dollar and they can be easily customised and designed to suit whatever the couple wishes. Unlike other grand projects that cost thousands of dollars, these light, fun and flexible blowup items are perfect when people start driving up to the entrance and are ready for the celebrations to begin in earnest.