What Traffic Offence Lawyers in Parramatta Do For Their Clients

Sydney drivers will continue to commit offences through a mixture of deliberate and circumstantial instances.

Especially out West with an expansion of highways linking the CBD to the outer suburbs, accidents will happen.

This is where traffic offence lawyers in Parramatta come into their own, offering their unique range of services to look after their client when they request it.

It is worthwhile taking stock of their expertise and avoid taking on the legal system alone.


Cover All Types of Offences

Traffic offence lawyers in Parramatta provide an array of services for those clients that are facing or potentially awaiting charges. This can span from reckless driving to driving with a revoked or expired license, driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs, speeding, traveling uninsured, hit and run incidents, leaving the scene of an accident or unpaid parking fines. These examples are quite common and it will be up to the representative to decide how to approach a potential defence based on the profile and nature of the charges. Any offence that is categorised as minor or major will be covered by these firms.

drink driving


Knowing Whether or Not To Fight The Case

Traffic offence lawyers in Parramatta are available and on call for those clients who are unsure about whether or not they should plead guilty. Whatever path they opt to take, from a not guilty plea where a case needs to be built to a guilty plea where the representative will look for leniency, making this judgment should be a collaborative effort. During private consultations, the lawyer will sit and assess the situation to gauge what the potential ramifications of a guilty or not guilty plea will be, leaving the ultimate decision up to the driver.


Gathering Evidence For The Case

Traffic offence lawyers in Parramatta have the skills, experience and resources to gather evidence for their client. From CCV TV footage to eyewitnesses, documentation, using a driving and insurance record to testimony from passengers and pedestrians – each form of evidence allows a legal representative to argue and build a case in favour of the client. This does not guarantee an outcome, but simply states the facts.


Avoiding Higher Insurance Premiums For Serious Offences

Having a conviction left off your driving record is an objective that could only be achieved by traffic offence lawyers in Parramatta. Those individuals who are successfully charged and convicted of a crime in this realm will have a permanent record and when paying insurance on a vehicle, their premium will always be higher than the average commuter. This is why it is so valuable for those seeking legal recourse to amend the record in their favour, avoiding higher premiums for their duration on the road.


Tackling Ticket Penalties and Fees

A majority of cases that are presented before local court with traffic offence lawyers in Parramatta surrounds tickets. Parking violations are regularly issued for those that park in a wrong location (disabled, bus or truck stop etc.) or exceed their time limit. There can be a defence built when there is a fault with the signage to make itself not visible to the driver. There can also be extenuating circumstances that explains why someone who exceed their time limit, allowing the penalty to either be cut down or eliminated from the equation. When a citizen is firmly of the belief that their fine is not warranted, they are free to use the legal system to plead their side of the story.



Clients are advised to do their homework on traffic offence lawyers in Parramatta to assess which operators will look out for their best interests, understand whose affordable and who can dedicate the most amount of time and resources. This is where direct personal referrals are preferable, allowing that personal connection to establish a relationship before proceeding with a case.