Why Residents Invest in Fake Grass For Sydney Homes


Local residents are finding great value when purchasing fake grass for Sydney homes.

This is a niche that is growing in momentum as turf providers are scouring the Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, South-West and North Sydney communities all year round.

Why is this the case?

Let us explain the key selling points of artificial grass.


Save on Water Use

Water use has become a major issue in 2019 as Australian properties continue to face the backlash of a ravishing drought that has damaged so much of the domestic landscape. Whilst it is felt 10-fold across farms and rural communities, it has also directly impacted residencies across Sydney. This is a fundamental reason why fake grass for Sydney homes has become so popular, mitigating against the need to drain from public water supplies just to keep the turf looking as green and fresh as possible. The quarterly utilities bill will look a lot healthier if that initial investment in artificial grass is made.


Stop Using The Household Mower

Using a household mower can be a fun exercise if there is just a few strips to mow on a Saturday. Yet there is a great deal of upkeep and maintenance with that product alone, and that is before the condition of the yard comes into question. Fake grass for Sydney homes ensures that customers don’t need to invest hundreds or thousands in their mower and avoid seeking out oil, fuel and repairs. It also lowers the carbon footprint of the residents.


Long-Term Durable Product

Fake grass for Sydney homes will withstand all manner of wear and tear to ensure that it is standing healthy and proud for years after it has been installed. So many items for consumers in the current landscape need to be repaired, replaced or simply tossed out for a superior model. This is not the case with turf that lasts the test of time, not requiring any real effort or conditioning beyond the initial setup phase that the team of specialists will cater for. The greater the size of the yard, the more potential there is for some conditioning to take place, but it will rarely be necessary for most Sydney households.


Stop Using Pesticides and Poisons

The safety and sanctity of a home can be compromised if the turf is infected with pesticides and poisons. Whilst they are used to kill off any pests and insects that are eating away at the soil, lingering materials can cause illnesses and disease for children, pets, family members, guests and native animals that come into contact with these elements. This is one of the core reasons why investing in fake grass for Sydney homes is such a popular contingency plan, avoiding the need to spread these brands and face the potential threat of an unwanted infection.


Home Asset That Improves Domestic Valuation

Fake grass for Sydney homes looks good – there is no other way to put it. Residents can find themselves on the move and when there is a need to market the assets of the property, a thriving garden and yard can be one of the central features and selling points. Whether it is brandished online, on a brochure or for an open home, this is an investment that improves the domestic valuation. Real estate agents will love you for it, but guests and residents will see how the aesthetically pleasing product enhances other features of the house.



The costs that build up over time for those who avoid investing in fake grass for Sydney homes weigh down a household budget. From the water utilities to the mowing and use of pesticides to protect the integrity of the natural turf, there is a lot of effort, energy and resources that have to be dedicated to this domain. Yet these specialist operators can be ready and available to deliver an aesthetically pleasing product that looks and feels like the genuine article, all the while avoiding those common challenges.